Student interview: Jorian, our first placement!

Knowledge base

Who: Jorian

Background: Computer Science, TU Delft

Company: The Data Story

Sector: Data Science Consultancy

Jorian is well known within CodeHive. He is the first student placed by CodeHive, ever!! In this blog we have a short interview with Jorian to get to know him a little better and see what he does at The Data Story. We also talked about what it’s like to combine study and work.

Well Jorian, what are your activities at the company?

“At The Data Story I’m one of the Data Science Consultants. I work part-time though, so you could call me a Data Assistant ;). I work with all sorts of data that companies collect, e.g. web data from Google Analytics or financial data. This data is usually too much and too complex for them to understand. Hence, we pick out relevant data, and then process and present it in such a way that it is easy to interpret. Often we go a step further and give them insights into what actions they can take, for example, influencing customer behaviour in a beneficial way. What I personally do is more on the technical side because of the background I have in Computer Science. I get to experiment and play around with certain algorithms to give companies deeper insight into, for instance, their different audiences.”

Sounds good! What do you like most about your job?

“The atmosphere at work is really relaxed and positive. I get to develop my skills and gain experience in the field while there is not too much pressure to perform and having a laugh with my colleagues and bosses every now and then. This makes that I am extremely motivated to go to work every week.”

What have you learned at your job so far, what you would not have learned in university?

“How to handle contact with both my employer and colleagues. Of course applying what I learned in university but that all comes with things you don’t think of at first. I feel like something such as managing expectations and handling feedback is going to help me a lot later on.”

What do you think about the combination of study and working? Would you recommend it?

“I highly recommend it! It helps take your mind off academic life and is a huge learning experience, all while earning you some nice pocket money!”

Do you think your experience at your current company helps you in your coming career?

“I can’t wait to see how extremely helpful this experience has been and will be as I move forward in my career. As mentioned before, all the social interactions with my employer and colleagues teach me a lot about how to act in the workplace.”

How was your experience with CodeHive and would you advise CodeHive to fellow students?

“I wouldn’t have wanted anything else! They found the perfect job for me, even though I wasn’t even looking for one at the time. They changed my perspective on work-life and gave me a place that I look forward to working at every single week”

.Hearing that makes u really happy Jorian, Thanks for your time!