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Students for Data Science, Development & more

Data scientists

Data Scientists gain valuable insights from large sets of either structured or unstructured data. These insights can be used to improve business operations.


There is high demand for Developers, also known as Programmers. If your company does anything in IT, Developers are indispensable. Our typical developer is a computer science student.

UX/UI designers

UI/UX Designers are responsible for web design or software design and focus on the maximization of user usability and user experience. Our typical UI/UX Designers are students with affinity for IT but with more of a creative background with a major in industrial design or architecture.


Do you own a company that is operating in a specific field? We’ve delivered students with specific backgrounds before, varying from earth science to marketing.

Find talented analytical & IT people

Whether you are looking for a graduate, a student or an intern, we will help you find the right match for your business!

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How it works

Defining the vacancy

Firstly, together we determine a clear scope of the vacancy and requirements that a candidate needs to have.

Finding & selecting candidates

Based on the vacancy, we will look for a perfect match. We carefully select the best candidates and introduce them to you.

Filling the vacancy

If you feel highly comfortable with hiring a candidate, you get the opportunity to hire or offer a job to the student.


Of course not. We introduce you to a couple of candidates and you’re always free to determine yourself if you would like to hire a candidate or not. You also only pay for our services if there is a match.

Both options are possible. We offer the opportunity to add a student on your payroll or to be 100% flexible by hiring a student via us.

For IT students of Dutch universities, within a couple of days to a maximum of 2 weeks.

We understand that IT-student employees come with an initial effort to get them up and running in your company. In that case, you want to avoid that a student leaves after a couple of months. For that reason, during our selection process, we carefully check the ambitions and motivation of the students before we propose them to you. Of the 50 students we connect to companies per year on average, 47 of them still work there after one year. That equals a success rate of 94%.

An IT-student is available around 12 to 20 hours/week on average.

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