Software Engineer

Become a well-paid professional Software Engineer. Join our 2-year traineeship where you get the chance to work in an experienced software engineering team at one of our clients while you get soft- and hard skill training from CodeHive.

Work in an experienced data engineering team of one our clients

Follow hard- and soft skill training to become a professional

Enjoy the benefits of the CodeHive network

Database design

Learn the ins and outs of relational and non-relational databases

Front-end Development

You can also specialise in front-end development. If you have technical skills and feeling for UI/UX, this might be ideal for you.

Back-end development

As a software engineer, in your early days you have to specialize. You can choose to specialise in backend engineering to run a smooth production environment.

API Development

A crucial part of being a software engineer is building and understanding APIs. You will learn this during your traineeship.

Software Engineer: The core of every company.

Why Software Engineering?

We don’t say it, but we all think it. Software Engineers are very important people within a company. If new applications and systems don’t get build, no company would exist. Specialise yourself either front-end or back-end development and start building your career.

Which technical skills will I learn?

Curriculum: Our comprehensive curriculum covers a range of topics, including:

  • Data Modeling and Database Design
  • SQL and NoSQL Databases
  • ETL Processes and Tools
  • Big Data Technologies (Hadoop, Spark)
  • Cloud Platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Data Quality and Optimization
  • Real-time Data Processing

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Start your journey as a Software Engineer now

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