Student Data Scientist @ Product Management startup for Energy transition companies

June 9, 2024
17 - 18
Application ends: July 31, 2024
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Job Description

Location: Flexible, remote with occasional visits to client locations
Hours: 8-16 hours per week
Salary: 17 – 18 EUR/hour (15 – 16 EUR/hour base salary + 8.3% holiday allowance + 8% vacation hours paid on request)
Target Applicants: Students with an interest in energy transition and data science

Job Description:

As a student data scientist, you will work with a product manager serving various energy-related companies. In this role, you will contribute to innovative projects focused on sustainable solutions and energy transition. You will be involved in the development of advanced algorithms and data hubs that play a crucial role in optimizing energy management on construction sites and in residential areas. The position is primarily remote, with occasional visits to client sites.


1st Project: Construction Site Tooling for Sustainable Building

  • Problem: Zero emission construction and grid congestion.
  • Phase 1: Electrification of construction sites.
  • Phase 2: Optimization using innovative algorithms and large batteries.
  • Phase 3: Optimization of multiple construction sites through energy hubs.

2nd Project: Self-Sufficient Residential Areas

  • Challenge: Managing numerous data streams (batteries, charging stations, solar roofs).
  • Solution: Development of a data hub to collect and manage data for self-sufficiency.

Candidate Requirements:

  • You are a student pursuing a relevant degree (e.g., Data Science, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering).
  • Passion for energy transition and sustainable solutions.
  • Basic knowledge of data analysis, algorithms, and data collection.
  • Proactive, independent, and flexible.
  • Good communication skills in both Dutch and English.

What We Offer:

  • A challenging and educational part-time job where you directly contribute to sustainable projects.
  • Flexible working hours and the ability to work remotely.
  • A competitive salary of 17 – 18 EUR/hour.
  • Access to events, meetings, and courses through CodeHive to improve your professional skills and expand your network.

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During the first year, you will be employed by CodeHive, and the company will hire you as a flexible worker. This means you will be an integral part of both the CodeHive team and the company’s team. Through CodeHive, you can benefit from events, meetings, and courses to enhance your professional skills and expand your network. After 1 or 2 years, you may choose to be directly employed by the company, provided they also see it as a good match. This way, you can effectively explore your career opportunities while studying and gain clarity about your path after graduation.